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Hanging baskets and bowls

Our collection of hanging baskets and bowls ranges from beginner’s versions right through to premium hanging baskets.

Balconies and terraces are perfect places for relaxing. Homely decorated with pretty plants in hanging baskets or bowls this area will be your favorite place. Hawita-technoplant can support you with a large range of hanging baskets and bowls. Let yourself be inspired!

Great value, sturdy hanging baskets, specially designed for commercial horticulture

Hanging baskets at low prices with attractive rattan border

Timeless hanging baskets at low prices

High-quality hanging basket in sturdy design

High-quality, sturdy lattice hanging basket with high soil volume

Great value, sturdy bowl for commercial horticulture with a glossy finish surface

Great value, sturdy planting bowl in timeless design

Matching hangers for our hanging baskets