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The basis of our success

We extract the raised bog peat used for the production of our horticultural soils from our own approx. 4,500 ha of bog areas in Germany and the Baltic States. We then mix a wide variety of additives, such as volcanic clay, wood fibre or compost, with this basic material. The volcanic clay, which we extract ourselves in the Vogelsberg district of Hesse, is crumb-stable, constantly supplies trace elements and gives the growing medium the necessary heaviness. Thus, the clay for the famous Fruhstorf mixture is intensively mixed with peat, rises and combines to form stable clay-humus compounds. This creates first-class growing media with a high pore volume and improved physical properties that are precisely tailored to the needs of the plants being cultivated.

Sustainability, nature conservation and raw material savings play an important role in substrate selection today. We already faced up to the responsibility for the valuable, limited raw material peat at the end of the 1970s - and have been offering peat-reduced substrates for decades, which our discerning customers can trust. This is made possible by the use of green compost, clay, bark humus, coconut and wood components as well as other peat substitutes.


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Peat remains irreplaceable

Despite all the substitutes, peat remains indispensable for professional horticulture. This is primarily due to its properties, which no other aggregate offers in this form.

Because peat is the result of the decomposition process of peat mosses in the absence of air, its quality is hardly subject to fluctuations. Professional gardeners always get consistently good substrates and thus the greatest possible security for plant growth. The low pH value and the long shelf life are further factors that make peat irreplaceable. With over 60 years of experience in the use of non-peat aditives, our research and development is in constant development of new products for horticulture in cooperation with universities and customers.


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